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Community Speedwatch

The Cambridgeshire Constabulary has completed the training of a number of volunteers from nearby villages and a Team of volunteers in this Village has been monitoring speeds at various locations in Bassingbourn and Kneesworth.  These include a number of roads notified by Villagers during the drafting of the Village Plan as suffering from excessive traffic speeds. 

The project has been set up in response to priorities and concerns expressed at numerous recent Neighbourhood Policing Panel meetings.The project equipment has been funded by Cambridgeshire County Council and the traffic speed monitoring has the full support of the Parish Council.

The team is equipped with a highly visible calibrated speed sensor which displays traffic speeds detected in excess of 33mph. Data on total traffic movements per hour and details of vehicle speeds motoring past in excess of the statutory speed restriction are recorded and passed to the police for their discretionary action.

The primary objective of introducing accurate traffic speed monitoring is to identify the specific areas around the Village that experience excessively high traffic speeds.  The data provided will enable the Police and County Highways departments to determine the most effective remedial action to be undertaken to promote the required improvements in road safety requested by residents. 

Results after 4 months of monitoring over 4,200 traffic movements by the Team have shown that we have a major problem with speeding traffic in the Village : -

  • 14% of all traffic movements in the Village exceed the legal safe speed limit.
  • Speeding traffic is more predominant outside the Primary School (25%) and in the High St (16%).
  • High traffic speeds in The Causeway are a special concern at weekends (45 - 60mph).

Community Speedwatch is aimed at reminding us that road traffic and pedestrians – particularly children, are an incompatible mix and that SPEEDING TRAFFIC IN VILLAGES IS A DANGER TO LIFE AND LIMB.   You are asked to support this worthwhile project and help to make Bassingbourn and Kneesworth safer for everyone.

If you would like to offer some of your time to join the monitoring team, please give your name and telephone no. to the Clerk to the PC,  Val Tookey [Tel: 01763 243153] who will pass it on to the Speedwatch team.