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Public Land and Buildings

Clunch Pit Wood (under Inclosure Award of 1806)

Bassingbourn Cemetery, The Causeway, Bassingbourn

Cemetery chapels, Bassingbourn Cemetery, The Causeway, Bassingbourn

Cemetery Lodge, 69 The Causeway, Bassingbourn SG8 5JA (let  by Parish Council to a tenant)

War Memorial green (Title 16307)

Willmott Recreation Ground (held under trust) with pavilion

Village Green at junction of High Street and Spring Lane

Triangle of grass at entrance to Elm Tree Drive (Title CB7463)

Keith Wood (Title CB185166; leased by Parish Council under 999 year lease to The Woodland Trust)

Elbourn Way and Kefford Close Open Space (Title CB245447)

Fortune Way Open Space (Title CB 251022)

Part of The Rouses, Clear Farm (held under lease from Cambridgeshire County Council)

Play area at Park View (leased from South Cambridgeshire District Council)


Note: The Parish Council also maintains a small triangle of grass adjacent to 44 High Street although ownership is not established