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About the Council

Bassingbourn-cum-Kneesworth Parish Council is the first tier of Local Government.

The Council has a membership of 15 elected and co-opted Councillors. Elected and co-opted Councillors do not receive any financial remuneration.  The Council employs a Clerk and a Responsible Financial Officer.

The year 2022 is an election year for the Parish Council and all 15 Councillors will be retiring and eligible for re-election.

There are committees within the Parish Council covering Finance, Planning, Amenities and HR. These committees report into the full Parish Council on a regular basis.

Notification of meetings, plus the agenda, can be found on the Parish notice boards, at least three business days prior to a meeting and on this web site.

Members of the public are welcome to attend Parish Council and committee meetings (other than when confidential matters are being discussed) and can address the Council in the 15 minutes before the meeting formally starts.

Parish Council Contacts

Parish Councillors

Ms Elaine Douglass (Chair)

Mr Mike Hallett (Vice-Chairman and Planning Committee chair)

Mrs Kirsty Carter

Mr Paul Catherall

Ms Julie Davis

Ms Sarah Dixon (Amenities Committee chair)

Mr Tony Geraghty

Mrs Alex Hirtzel

Dr Hilary Hodge (HR Committee chair)

Mr Richard Leith

Mr David Oakley

Mr Steve Sams (Finance Committee chair)

Mr John Spenceley

Mr Mick Wakefield

Mr Jack White


Clerk to the Parish Council

Ms Val Tookey

Responsible Financial Officer

Mrs Barbara Isherwood


District Councillor

Mr Nigel Cathcart


County Councillor

Mrs Susan van de Ven