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Here is some advice on helping to ensure your bins remain upright and do not get blown onto paths or roads during heavy winds.


  • Try and keep the time your wheelie bins are left out to a minimum. Put them out as late as you can on your collection day. Bins need to be put out by 6am on your collection day
  • Where possible, place bins next to hedges or walls to maximise shelter from strong winds
  • Place bins in 'banks' next to your neighbour's bins as this can help prevent them from tipping over
  • Where possible, try to place bins so they are easily visible and accessible for our crews, but not right next to the road
  • Please be a vigilant, friendly neighbour and keep an eye out for any bins that have been tipped over by strong winds or are isolated
  • After your bin has been emptied, please retrieve it and store it securely (such as in a garage, shed or garden) as soon as possible


This advice is also available on our website.





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