Old Bassingbourn

Bassingbourn School House in 1911 small.jpg Bassingbourn Schoolhouse in 1911


The Schools small.jpg The Schools

 High Street small.jpg

High Street


 South End small.jpg

South End

Recreation Ground in late 1930s small.jpg

Recreation Ground in the late 1930s


Brook Mill End small.jpg

Brook Mill End

East End Bassingbourn small.jpg

 East End
(the High Street looking towards The Hoops)


 East End Bassingbourn 2 small.jpg

Another photo of East End


 Dedication of the War Memorial small.jpg

Dedication of the War Memorial


coronation parade 1936 small.jpg Coronation Parade in North End 1936

Celebration at Old School small.jpg

Celebration at the Old School
The bunting is out but we do not know when this picture was taken.
Do you recognize any of the faces?  Do you know when this picture was taken?
If you do, please let us know at


 Mr and Mrs Eayrs small.jpg

Mr and Mrs Eayrs
The Headmaster and his wife


 Tanyard small.jpg

The Tanyard

The photos above are provided courtesy of Liz Chapman from the collection of the late Dora Peacock (née Wedd) who lived in Bassingbourn all her life and also courtesy of Geoff and Fiona Klein.