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Where to stay


The nearest hotels approximately three miles from the village either in Royston or in Arrington

Banyers House 16 Melbourn Street Royston,SG8 7BZ

   Tel: 01763 290530

Old Bull Inn 56 High Street Royston SG8 9AW

  Tel.: 01763 242003

♦ Hardwicke Arms 96 Ermine Way Arrington SG8 0AH

  Tel.: 01223 208802

Bed and Breakfast:

Bed and Breakfast accommodation is available in Bassingbourn and in nearby Whaddon

♦ Radford House 94 North End Bassingbourn SG8 5PD

  Tel.: 01763 242294


♦ College Farm 8 Church Street Whaddon SG8 5RU

  Tel: 01223 208955


♦ Ermine Farm Bridge Street Dyers Green Whaddon SG8 5SN

  Tel.: 01223 207358