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Breezing to an Active Lifestyle

Fancy feeling fit and healthy without having to slog away at the gym? Your local Breeze bike rides might just be the answer for you.

We are a team of volunteers, trained and supported by British Cycling. Our free, women-only rides are all on local roads in small friendly groups. We include a variety of rides throughout each month from 10 to 30 miles and all rides are at a speed that suits everyone.

 We're ready to ride

Our rides currently leave the Belle in Bassingbourn on either a Tuesday or Wednesday morning at 9.30am.  During the summer months we run evening rides and we occasionally organise weekend rides.

We provide a safe, encouraging environment to have fun and meet other like-minded people whilst enjoying the outdoors. Our rides are very social and the longer rides enable us to enjoy a coffee in The Belle at midday.

On our way

Please contact us to find out how to register on a ride, for further information or to be added to our mailing list.


Tel: Melanie on 07584572729